Buying a home is typically the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. That being said, it can be hard to find a home that fits within your budget. Buying your own home is a HUGE investment. As the costs to rent continue to rise, homeownership has become cheaper than renting in many markets. However, buying a home can be overwhelming and stressful too! One of the biggest hurdles that buyers face when looking for their dream home on a budget is feeling overwhelmed by all of the options available as well as how much it’ll cost them. To make matters worse, this process often happens during times where there are multiple other purchases going on (new car, engagement ring).

Here are a few things to consider when looking to purchase your new San Diego home!


1. Make a list of what you want in your home

2. Look for a home that needs work and can be fixed up

3. Consider buying an older home with character

4. Do your research on the property taxes, utilities, and schools in the area

5. Get pre-approved for a mortgage to avoid wasting time looking at homes you cannot afford

6. Be patient when searching - it may take some time before you find your dream home

7. Find a Real Estate Agent you can trust.

If you’re looking for a Real Estate Broker you can trust, let’s discuss how I can be your guide in purchasing your new property in San Diego! Contact me today!