Here are the hidden perks of great credit.


Your credit score is your track record of financial responsibility, and maintaining great credit comes with several perks, including a few that might surprise you:


1. It’s easier to buy a home. You’re more likely to get approved for a mortgage when you have stronger credit. Good credit grants you a lower interest rate for most loans.


2. You get discounts on car insurance. Car insurance companies won’t turn you down for having bad credit, but they may raise your rates. Maintaining good credit could lower your monthly premium. 


"Maintaining great credit comes with several perks."


3. You can get a better phone plan. Having excellent credit will determine whether or not your phone carrier will grant you a contract with potential discounts or a costly monthly plan (which often requires a security deposit). 


4. You can secure the best credit cards. If your credit is in a good place, you can qualify for excellent credit cards with amazing incentives and benefits. You can also qualify for a higher credit limit if you've been proven to pay your bills on time. 


5. More options for renters. Good credit shows landlords that you’re responsible, which could potentially lower your security deposit and other upfront fees. Get your credit score for free at,,, or Also, everyone gets one free credit report per year, so if you’re interested in that, visit


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